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Phu Quoc Island is the largest island in Vietnam and located within the Kien Giang Province, consisting of 22 islands. The weather on Phu Quoc rarely changes, so the island attracts visitors all year round. There are several beautiful beaches on the island, namely Bai Truong, Rach Tram, Bai Khem, Bai Vung Bau, Bai Sao, Bai Cua Can, Ghenh Dau, Rach Vem.

Many sandstone chains gradually descend from the north to the south. The longest one is Ham Ninh which stretches for 30km along the eastern edge with its highest peak called Mt. Chua (603m).

The island covers an area of 567km2 and is about 62km long and 3-28km wide.

Products of Phu Quoc
Phu Quoc is famous for its pepper and fish sauce production. Hundreds of fish sauce workshops and countless pepper farms can be found around the island.

What to do

  • Sao beach & Mui Chua fishing village: sight-seeing, swimming and buying fresh seafood.
  • Su Muon pagoda: climbing, swimming and exploring wild nature in Tranh stream.
  • Khu Tuong pepper gardens in the north, crossing jungle forest to Genh Dau village to visit the market. Visiting sea frontier between Vietnam and Cambodia at Genh Dau beach.
  • King's Well: swimming and relaxing at the beach.
  • Boat to Mong Tay islet.
  • Visiting Cau temple.
  • Visiting Duong Dong market.
  • Da Ban stream, Tranh stream, Tien stream: swimming, climbing, exploring nature.
  • Visiting Sung Hung ancient pagoda.

Phu Quoc Natural Reserve
Founded in 1986, total are of 37,000 ha. The rich flora and fauna covers mainly the mountainous northern part of the island. There are nearly 929 tree species of which 19 newly-found species are first recorded in Vietnam. The forest is home to many species of birds and small mammals (flying squirrels, sloth-monkeys). Trekking through the park should be done in the dry season only.

White sandy beaches
Beaches are sugary-white and the water is crystal-clear. All beaches are rated to be the best in Vietnam, with the most spectacular ones spread along the western coast and around the southern tip of the island. Not far from the district town are private beaches next to all kinds of cozy hideaway; deserted bays ringed by sand, bushes and hills at the southern tip of the island.

Dinh Cau Rock
Situated by the mouth of the Duong Dong River, Dinh Cau Rock is considered the symbol of Phu Quoc where sand, sea, sun, and stone blend in perfect harmony. It is not only an odd-shaped scenic beauty but also a quaint sacred holy place. Local fishermen pray to God here before setting sail. Steps lead to the top, from where one can watch the sunset over the eroded rock formation and enjoy a peaceful view of the Duong Dong River.

Religion sites
Quite a few temples and shrines lie scattered across the island, in the district town and in the surrounding countryside as well. Built in the early 19th century, Sung Hung Pagoda, with its original structure and intriguing statues, is well worth visiting. Nestled in thick vegetation on a hill side, Su Muon Pagoda is always an inspiration for visitors thanks to its unique blend of nature and architecture.

Duong Dong Riverside market
A lively and cheerful marketplace.

An Thoi Islands
The 15 islands of An Thoi are located 30 minutes by boat from An Thoi in the south of Phu Quoc. The islands offer scenic beaches, colorful coral reefs and colonies of diverse fishes. Large of tiny, some of them are still uninhabited and perfectly pristine. A must is a stop at a fishing village in Hon Thom to see the locals' daily chores and experience their friendliness. Boats can be arranged at any hotel.


    Doung Tong
  • Beach Club - 5km south of Doung Tong, rooms and bungalows, 12 USD (LS) 20 USD (HS) -

  • Bai Sao Beach
  • My Lan - southern end of Bai Sao Beach, simple wood and concrete bungalows

  • Long Beach
  • Coco Beach - Thai-style beach huts, beachfront row is "overpriced" for high season, 10 USD (LS) 25 USD (HS)
  • Mai House - bungalows are a step above many of the options on Phu Quoc, Standard 30 USD (LS) 55 USD (HS), Bungalow 38 USD (LS) 75 USD (HS)
  • Cassia Cottage - villa or rooms within, Standard 65 Dong (HS), Superior 90 Dong (HS) -
  • Saigon Phu Quoc Resort - opened in 2000, still remains popular..., Standard 56USD (LS) 56USD (HS), Superior 95 USD (LS) 95 USD (HS) -
  • Sea Star Resort - very well-sized bungalows, wifi, 25 USD (LS) 25 USD (HS), Bungalow A/C private b'room 20 USD (LS) 20 USD (HS) -
  • Tropicana - popular with families, one of the longest-running resorts, Double 15 USD (LS) 15 USD (HS), Superior 25 USD (LS) 35 USD (HS), Beachfront bungalow 45 USD (LS) 55 USD (HS)
  • Viet Thanh Resort - basic huts, backpacker style - Bungalow 7 USD (LS) 12 USD (HS)
  • Hiep Thanh - bungalows the better option, Bungalow 20 USD (LS) 20 USD (HS)
  • Kim Hoa Resort - uninspired but popular, Standard 22 USD (LS) 22 USD (HS), Bungalow 35 USD (LS) 35 USD (HS)
  • Kim Nam Phuong - family atmosphere, but basic fare, Double 8 USD (LS) 8 USD (HS), Bungalow 10 USD (LS) 15 USD (HS), Bungalow A/C 17 USD (LS) 25 USD (HS)
  • Lam Ha - simple rooms, no beachfront, Standard - Double 10 USD (LS) 15 USD (HS), Bungalow A/C 15 USD (LS) 20 USD (HS)
  • Lien Hiep Thanh - friendly, but overpriced, Beachfront 30 USD (LS) 35 USD (HS), Bungalow A/C 25 USD (LS) 30 USD (HS)
  • Nhat Lhan - last at Long Beach before the rocks, Bungalow 7 USD (LS) 12 USD (HS)
  • Thanh Hai - well off the beach, good option in high season overflow, Bungalow 6 USD (LS) 7 USD (HS)
  • Thousand Stars Resort - large resort, Thousand Star's heydey may well have passed by, still popular, Standard 18 USD (LS) 26 USD (HS), Deluxe bungalow 23 USD (LS) 36 USD (HS) -
  • Duong Dong Hotel - bungalows, beachfront well positioned, Standard 19 USD (LS) 19 USD (HS), Superior 23 USD (LS) 23 USD (HS), Beachfront bungalow 40 USD (LS) 40 USD (HS)
  • Thien Hai Son - motel like, concrete pathways, bungalows by far the better option, Standard 31 USD (LS) 31 USD (HS), Beachfront bungalow 44 USD (LS) 44 USD (HS)

  • Ong Lang Beach
  • Bo Resort - bungalows looking out over the manicured gardens and the sea, Deluxe bungalow 30 USD (LS) 40 USD (HS), Bungalow 25 USD (LS) 35 USD (HS) less $5 for back row -
  • Mango Bay - eclectic collection of rooms, Standard 10 USD (LS) 15 USD (HS) upto $20, Superior 18 USD (LS) 35 USD (HS) -
  • Thang Loi Resort - secluded and comfortable, Bungalow 12 USD (LS) 15 USD (HS) -

Useful numbers

  • Area code: 077
  • Tourist office: 848624, 848542
  • Natural Reserve Office: 846344
  • Hospital: 846074
  • Air ticketing Office: 846086
  • Border Police Post: 847604
  • Police Service: 846051

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