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Mi Lau Thai means Thai Noodle Hotpot in Vietnamese and is also a instant noodle soup brand by Acecook. The instant noodle soup package includes four sachets of ingredients which can be mixed together and prepared simply by pouring boiling water over the mix and waiting for three minutes. Alternatively, add some garden fresh ingredients to prepare a truly Asian style noodle soup that you might expect to be served only in your favourite Vietnamese or Thai specialty restaurant.

Mi Lau Thai 02.jpg

Take the noodles and the additional ingredients out of the package and pour everything in a medium sized cooking pot. The additional ingredients are paste soup with dried cuttlefish and seafood powder, oil, dried vegetable and chilli powder. Add about 400ml boiling water to the mix and cover the pot for three minutes. Stir well around.

The Mi Lau Thai pack
The ingredients
Add boiling water

For an individual taste, add some Thai basil and parsley leaves, fresh coriander, a handful of bean sprouts, a few slices of green/yellow or red peppers and spring onion. Some Japanese style seaweed goes well with the seafood flavour of this soup mix, and of course, chilli peppers for those who like it hot!

Thai basil
Flat parsley
Bean sprouts
Acecook brand
Green and red peppers
Spring onion
Chilli peppers

A slice of smoked or fried fish completes the dish to perfection!

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