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Delicious Asian Noodle Soups

Mango Bay 000150.jpg

Chef Cook Thanh cooks an authentic Vietnamese Pho Bo

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thanh has worked as a Head Chef for over 20 years, served as a cook in the North Vietnamese army during the American/Vietnamese war and on cruise liners in the Gulf of Thailand. He is currently the Head Chef at Mango Bay, Phu Quoc and can show you how to cook a perfect Pho Bo.

Mi Lau Thai 02.jpg

Mi Lau Thai
Mi Lau Thai is a Thai Noodle Hotpot style instant soup by Acecook which includes four sachets of ingredients which can be mixed together and prepared simply by pouring boiling water over the mix and waiting for three minutes. Add some garden fresh ingredients to prepare a genuine Asian style noodle soup.

Pho Box 01.jpg

Pho Box
Pho Hanoi is a boxed pho set that includes all spices required for the preparation of a pho, enough for 3-4 servings for up to 4 people. The box includes a short history of the origin of pho, as well as a shopping list for the additional fresh ingredients needed to cook a genuine pho.


Pho 2000
Pho 2000 is a small chain of noodle soup shops serving excellent pho in Ho Chi Minh City. The branch next to Ben Thanh Market is well known for former US President Bill Clinton having stopped by for a bowl of soup in year 2000.

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Vietnam's $35 Bowl of Noodle Soup
As the communist country of Vietnam increasingly embraces the ways of capitalism, the gap between rich and poor is rapidly expanding. A BBC Radio 4 broadcast, 21 January 2011.